The advantages of film greenhouses DobroTA

DobroTA film constructions have a lot of advantages over other tunnels and greenhouses from competing companies. Our clients value DobroTA film greenhouses and tunnels for:


Greenhouse film is a unique material that allows the farmer to choose technological solutions for growing various crops independently. In addition, an important characteristic of such a greenhouse is its good illumination, as well as the ability to use various ventilation methods. It will certainly be appreciated by those farmers who are going to grow vegetables in greenhouses. It should be mentioned that greenhouses, the price of which attracts buyers from all over Ukraine, are designed taking into consideration European safety standards. In addition, the versatility of the structure is manifested in the fact that it is easily dismantled and installed in the required place (on a hard or soft platform). It can also be used as a small warehouse, production facility or livestock enclosure.


Greenhouses have a stable structure that can withstand various operating conditions. The structure tolerates external negative factors without any problems, for example, bad weather, storming rainfall, etc., as well as internal loads (in the process of growing tomatoes and cucumbers).


An important characteristic of using a greenhouse is its convenience. Unique components from leading manufacturing companies allow you to quickly install or dismantle a greenhouse film. And the use of fully automatic control systems creates an ideal indoor microclimate, which increases the yield of vegetables.


The DobroTA design has about 40% lower thermal energy consumption, compared to traditional greenhouses. In addition, building a film greenhouse will be cheaper than installing a polycarbonate or glass structure.


The structures are easily adaptable to various technological processes, so growing in heifer crops using shading devices or irrigation systems will always be economically beneficial.


The thickness of the film of the DobroTA greenhouse is 150-170 µm. At the same time, the tension of the material makes the structure strong, which allows it to easily withstand heavy rains and hails. Thanks to a special UV filter, the film has a seven-year lifespan. Film greenhouses of this type are ideal for the changeable Ukrainian climate.

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