Film tunnels Dobrota 9.6 m

The main task of the film tunnels is to grow plants in buildings that protect the soil. Due to this, in natural conditions, it becomes possible to increase the production period, to late autumn, winter and early spring.

Film tunnel DobroTA Gothic tunnel
9.6 m

Tunnel width

4.9 m

Skate height

2.5 - 3.0 m

Length is multiple

Scheme of film tunnels DobroTA

Overhead ventilation

Overhead ventilation

Link farms

Link farms

Gable of the tunnel

Gable of the tunnel

At the request of the customer, Dobrota tunnels can be covered with a single or double film, into which air is pumped, which in turn serves as a heat-insulating buffer between adverse climatic conditions and the greenhouse. Another feature of film tunnels is their versatility and the ability to use not only for growing crops, but also for other purposes, when easy installation is required, low costs, as well as ease of installation. The versatility of the design allows the installation of additional equipment such as heating, dimming systems, lighting lamps and uninterrupted water supply systems.

All Dobrota greenhouses are certified and have the necessary documents, comply with SNIPs and withstand snow and wind loads in Ukraine, which makes it possible to install tunnels not only in Ukraine, but also in most of the CIS countries.

Updated models of farm film tunnels allow the customer to choose the most suitable design option for the rational use of each square meter of usable land area. The choice of the dome design is possible, our company develops greenhouses of gothic and oval shapes. The choice depends on your preference.

In production, we use only high quality materials that are highly valued by world consumers. For our greenhouses we use high quality UV-6 and UV-10 seasons polyethylene film.

The fastening profile "Zig-Zag" is used as a fastening for the film. The fixture includes 2 elements: a galvanized steel profile and a plastic-coated spring wire. The service life of the fastener for the Zig-Zag film is guaranteed by the manufacturer and is up to 10 years. Wire replacement is carried out when changing the film. At the moment, farm film greenhouses (film tunnels) "Dobrota" have no analogues on the market in Ukraine, which makes them the best choice for the industrial cultivation of almost any vegetables, berries, seedlings and flowers.

Video of film tunnels DobroTA

Photos of film tunnels DobroTA

tunnel DobroTA tunnel DobroTA tunnel DobroTA

Technological features of the film tunnel DobroTA

The foundation is used columnar and is carried out to a depth below the freezing point of the soil. Support pillars are installed in the holes drilled in the ground and poured with concrete. All metal structures are fully factory-assembled, accurate in size and configuration, and are designed to be easily and quickly assembled on site. All frame metal structures are equipped with the necessary fasteners, bolts, nuts, washers and everything you need for quick assembly. Assembly is done without welding. The length of the greenhouse is determined by the wishes of the customer.

Production and sale of components for greenhouses

Our company manufactures and supplies components for greenhouses, some of which are our own design. For example, the system of fastening the film to the frame of greenhouses "clips" Zig-Zag ", the clip provides reliable fixation of the film without damaging it.

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