Repair and modernization of greenhouses

We are a manufacturer of greenhouses and components in Ukraine, which allows us to provide high-quality services for the modernization and repair of various types of greenhouses - film, polycarbonate, etc.

One of the most frequently performed improvements is the installation of an interfilm pressurization system on the greenhouse. This action allows you to reduce heating costs by 2 times, to get the temperature inside the greenhouse by 7-8 ° C higher than outside, without using heating.

Installation of an additional film with pressurized interfilm space is carried out on any type of frame and shape of greenhouses. The fastening of the film is carried out using a spring aluminum wagon clip (Zig-Zag). The only requirement for the operation of the film blowing system is a 220V voltage supply for connecting the fan and the control unit. Greenhouse modernization takes several days.

Greenhouse modernization

The main tasks that are solved when modernizing the greenhouse:


Greenhouse modernization


greenhouse with timber frame

Purpose of modernization:

reduce heat losses and heating costs


installation of a film pressurization system (two layers of film, between which air is supplied)

Greenhouse repair and modernization - is there a difference

In principle, these are similar types of activities, often the amount of work performed during the modernization exceeds the amount of work during the repair. By modernization we mean the installation of additional systems - heating, ventilation, film blowing, etc. During repairs, most often partial or complete replacement of the greenhouse frame, its reinforcement, and repair of various greenhouse systems are performed.

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