Clip for fastening greenhouse film

Own production. We supply clips for fastening the film first hand. We offer cooperation. Prices are fixed in UAH.

Wholesale customers.

We will supply any required amount of film mounts


Offer quality goods and earn with us!

Greenhouse owners.

The clips are always in stock. The best choice for greenhouse renovation and repair.

Clip Clip "Universal" spring aluminum 25 mm

The zig-zag clip is lightweight, durable and easy to use. It is suitable for fixing one or more layers of films.

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Clip Clip "Universal" spring aluminum 30 mm

It is possible to work even at subzero temperatures.

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Aluminum double clip Aluminum double clip

The main application of the double clip is to fasten the greenhouse film, without damaging it, to the greenhouse frame.

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Clip Clip "Universal" spring zink 25 mm

Ideal for attaching film without damaging it

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Clip Clip "Universal" spring zink 30 mm

Ideal for quickly attaching film without damaging it

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Clip with plastic insert Clip with plastic insert

A professional clip with a plastic insert, like other clips

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Springs Springs "Premium" galvanized with plastic coating

As of today, there are three types of springs for fasteners ...

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Spring hook Spring hook

Primary Application - Fastening Polyester Tape to Spring Hook

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Plastic clip Plastic clip

Plastic clips are designed for attaching the film to the pipe

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Spring galvanized white 2.3 mm Spring galvanized white 2.3 mm

Premium white spring for fixing greenhouse film

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