Beam-clips 50x40

Beam-clips 50x40

Clip-on beams are used to fasten the greenhouse film to the greenhouse frame in straight sections. It serves as an element of quick installation. The design features allow using the clip-on beam as a supporting element - a purlin combined with a film holder.

The main areas of application of aluminum clip-beams in film greenhouses:

  • Greenhouse supporting element - side girder with film fastening.
  • In the greenhouse side ventilation system.
  • In the system of overhead ventilation of the greenhouse, as an element of the construction of a ventilation window and a false strip

Installation procedure for galvanized clip-beams:

*If necessary, the film tension can be additionally set by the course of the clip-beam along the greenhouse support

Видео обзор балки-клипс

Clip mounting:

The installation of the greenhouse film into the beam-clips is carried out in the same way as the installation using the "Universal" spring aluminum clip. The foil is placed in the groove and secured with a plastic-coated spring. During installation, make sure that the spring fits completely in the groove. No spring fragment should protrude beyond the clip profile. When cutting the film (after installing it), it is necessary to leave 5-10 m of stock outside the clip.

Removing the mount:

Using pliers or a screwdriver, it is necessary to free one of the ends of the spring and gently pull it out of the profile.


Beam-clips 50x40
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