Circulation fan ZLFJ400-W4 / 380

Circulation fan ZLFJ400-W4 / 380

The frame is made of high quality steel by molding, it has attractive superficy, not prone to rust. Due to the firm fixation, there are no vibrations during operation. The motor is enclosed by a casing that has excellent ventilation allowing it to show excellent results.

The blades are made of stainless steel, and the blades are shaped to capture more air while reducing vibration during operation.

The operation of 7 blades is possible both from a single-phase current at 220V, and from a three-phase alternating current at 380V.

Technical Parameters of ZLFJ400-W4 / 380

  • Voltage: 220V / 380V
  • Blade diameter: 400mm
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Power: 250
  • Speed: 1400 rpm.
  • Air flow: 4350 m3 / h

Photo ZLFJ400-W4/380

Circulation fan ZLFJ400-W4 / 380 Circulation fan ZLFJ400-W4 / 380 Circulation fan ZLFJ400-W4 / 380

What is a circulating fan for?

A circulating fan, also known as a greenhouse cooling fan, protects your plants and staff from the heat during the warm summer months. Greenhouse circulation fans provide a steady temperature throughout the greenhouse, cold rooms, high tunnels or commercial warehouses.

Increase plant productivity, reduce heat load, eliminate condensation on walls and ceilings, keep greenhouses and buildings fresher.

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