Side clamp

Side clamp

The side clamp is used to fasten the load-bearing elements of the greenhouse. It is used in conjunction with the fastening washer (P-washer) for mounting 40x40 beams and 50x40 beam-clips on a round Ø60mm pipe.

The clamp allows you to simplify and speed up the installation of structures, completely abandoning welded joints.

The strength of the connection in the profiled part of the clamp is comparable to that of a bolted connection. For additional fixation, a screw hole is provided on the pipe.

The side clamp is made of galvanized steel z275 and has excellent corrosion resistance.

The on-board clamp is attached to the beam clip. You can find out more details or order by calling or writing to the post office.


Side clamp Side clamp Side clamp
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