Capillary mat

Capillary mat

The main task of the capillary mat is to obtain a good seedling and yield. In other words, the capillary mat will give you strong seedlings. Nowadays it is no longer a novelty, most of the greenhouse agro-industrial farms use mats for continuous and even irrigation.

What is a capillary mat? It is a synthetic felt (100% synthetic, primary, used for food use), which has a high moisture capacity, and is also able to evenly distribute liquid over its entire surface.

Speaking about numbers, a square meter of the mat can hold and absorb about three liters of water. The plant slowly takes up the moisture it needs, which prevents flooding and allows the plant to feed all the time. The top of the mat is covered with a finely porous film - it avoids clogging and protects against algae.

If we talk about the benefits, then it should be noted:

Capillary mat will help to avoid: firstly, the lack or excess of moisture is excluded; secondly, moisture is delivered exactly to the roots, which in turn has a positive effect on feeding, as it gets 100% to the right place, and not to the leaves.

A capillary mat is especially necessary for those who are engaged in flower cultivation, as the mat allows you to:


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