Plastic clip

Plastic clip


it is used on straight and curved sections of the greenhouse frame and arches, for fixing both single and double films in greenhouses.


clips are elements designed for external fastening of the film in greenhouses, which allows you to correct an incorrectly mounted film or to perform its next stretch. Attention! Such manipulations with the plastic clip should not be carried out more often than necessary (the plastic clip loses its elasticity with each installation).

Reliable fasteningе:

fastening of the type of clips is as simple as possible, does not require long-term special knowledge and skills, its function performs reliably.

Clip mounting:

It is necessary to preheat the clip in hot water. Apply the film to the greenhouse frame tube and install the clip. It is more convenient to attach the clips starting from one side of the greenhouse. The clips have a fairly high rigidity (to perform their functions under high wind loads), so it is not recommended to mount and dismantle them unnecessarily.

Removing the mount:

The clip must be slowly removed from the pipe, starting from one side of the greenhouse.


It is recommended to check the strength and elasticity of the clip when you change the film. It is recommended to completely replace the clips with new ones after 5 years of their use. If the replacement of the film in the greenhouse is carried out earlier, we recommend adding some new clips, installing the old ones in the line with new clips.

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