Vatan Plastik Film

Vatan Plastik Film

The DobroTA company offers its customers a film for greenhouses of the Turkish manufacturer Vatan Plastik.

Vatan Plastik is engaged in the production of plastic films, greenhouse films and various plastic packaging products. The products manufactured by the company have ISO 9001 quality certificates, as well as all certificates of conformity. For the manufacture of products, advanced technology, new printing lines, as well as a modern processing line are used.

Vatan Plastik greenhouse films are extruded. In other words, it is made by vertical inflation with compressed air. The equipment has a Coex Extrusion system. Multilayer films are produced by applying raw materials and additives with specified properties to each layer of the film separately.

Varieties of Vatan greenhouse film:

Sixteen-meter roll

  • Months: 60 months
  • Properties: UV + IR + AB + EVA + LD + ANTIFOG + A.DUST-SEFFAF
  • Weight: 94.00 kg
  • Width: 1600 cm
  • Length: 52 meters
  • Micron: 150

Twenteen-meter roll

  • Months: 60 months
  • Properties: UV + IR + AB + EVA + LD + ANTIFOG + A.DUST-SEFFAF
  • Weight: 123.50 kg
  • Width: 1200c
  • Length: 52 meters
  • Micron: 150

Film additives and properties / full explanation of all abbreviations

UV / Ultraviolet additive

  • UV additive increases the resistance of the greenhouse cover to sunlight
  • The amount of UV additive is determined depending on the period of use of the greenhouse cover, film thickness and climatic conditions of the region where the film will be used.

EVA / Ethyl vinyl acetate

  • Makes the greenhouse cover more resilient and increases its wind resistance
  • Possesses thermal properties, protects plants from frost

IR / Infrared additive

  • Promotes steady temperature maintenance, helping to avoid fluctuations in day and night temperatures
  • Prevents plant stress from sudden temperature drops. •Saves energy

AB / Antibacterial additive

  • Prevents the penetration and reproduction of aphids, leaf parasites, midges
  • Prevents the spread of bacteria
  • Reduces fungal diseases
  • Reduces the amount of plant protection products used in the greenhouse

LD / Light Scattering Additive

  • Converts "hard" direct sunlight to "soft" diffuse
  • Prevents the development of fungi and bacteria in the greenhouse
  • The greenhouse is illuminated more steady

AD-AF / Anti condensation - anti fog additive

  • Dew spreads evenly over the film and flows down without the formation of drops
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