Spring hook

Spring hook

The main application is attaching a polyester tape to the spring hook, and then placing the hook spring in "Universal" clip, aluminum or galvanized. One or two hooks can be placed in the clip, depending on its application. The hook spring has a Zig-Zag shape, the same as the mainspring of “Universal” clip, which ensures its quick installation and dismantling in an aluminum or galvanized clip.

By using a spring with two hooks, it becomes possible to form V-joints along the entire length of the side ventilation from the polyester tape for a tighter pressure on the film. As a result, the greenhouse foil is reliably protected from damage by wind gusts.

You can also use a spring hook to attach the shade mesh over the greenhouse dome. The spring hook can be used many times. A spring is made of galvanized spring wire with a diameter of 2.3 mm, a spring wire with an electrophoretic coating - Ø2.3 mm.

Photo hook

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