Springs "Premium" galvanized with plastic coating

Springs in clips for fastening the film

Nowadays there are three variants of springs for fasteners: a zinc-plated blue spring of 2.3 mm, a zinc-plated black spring 2 mm, and a zinc-plated spring with a white "Premium" coating.

All types of springs are made according to the technology:

  • at the first stage, the spring is formed from raw materials, then it undergoes heat treatment;
  • at the second stage, the spring is hot-dip galvanized;
  • and the last stage is a plastic covering of the spring.

Attention! Beware of falsification, you can distinguish a quality spring from falsification by its characteristic markers.

Photo marker


Application of springs

Spring class "Premium" for fastening greenhouse film is used with an aluminium clip “universal”: 25mm, 30mm, double hook, AL beam clips.

The manufacturing technology, which provides for heat treatment after the formation of the spring profile, prevents the loss of clamping properties, allowing it to be reused in case of repair or replacement of the film.

>The shape of the spring and the plastic coating protects the film from damage during installation, which increases the service life of the film coating, and also allows the film to be tightened in the summer if necessary.

Spring B20 - 2mm is universal, it is used in all “Universal” mounts

Spring B23 - 2.3mm main application AL clip-beam 50x40, in other cases at consumers' discretion. The service life of the spring is 15 years, and the service life of the plastic coating is 6 - 7 years.

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