Reducer GMA 100S, 100W, 100N·m

GMA 60-S / GMA 100-S

Pay your attention to the reducer GMA 100S, 100W, 100N·m.

As the particular design features, it is worth noticing overload protection, in the case of a load more than 1.5 times the rated torque, the automation starts to protect the system. Stopping the engine completely for 5 minutes, after which the system will start - this will prevent the engine from burning.

The device does not require additional transformers, as it is powered from 220 V, which leads to savings on installation and on an additional cable.

Technical parameters

GMA 100S, 100W, 100N·m

  • Power: 100W
  • Torque: 100 N·m
  • Current: ≤0.77A
  • Turns: 2.8 rpm
  • Allowable length: ≤100m


GMA 60-S / GMA 100-S GMA 60-S / GMA 100-S


Before installation, carefully read the instructions - it will help to avoid errors and ensure the correct operation of the device. After installation, the motor must be above the limit switch in any rolling position.

After installing the gearbox, the cable must be connected to the control unit, turn on the power, set the limit switch to the required position, and then tighten the locking bolts.

If there was a power failure and at this moment it is necessary to urgently lower it, you need to hold the pipe, then loosen the connection, and then slowly lower the pipe.


Check the fastening bolts regularly, in case of deformation, replace them.

The gearbox does not require changing or adding gear oil during its entire service life.

This product is suitable for ventilation and curtain film greenhouses, if it will be used for other purposes, please consult the staff.

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