Manual reducer FLC-104

Manual reducer FLC-104

We offer specialized drive gearboxes for ventilation systems in greenhouse structures with top and side ventilation, as well as various shading systems. They are used in all types of greenhouses: film, glass, polycarbonate. Given the resistance of the gearboxes to humidity, the ability to work in harsh conditions, they can be recommended for use in any agricultural buildings in which a similar ventilation system is used.

All offered electric actuators have built-in limit switches. The choice of the drive depends on the type of object and the load, which for greenhouses is determined by the size and weight of the vent.

Reducers are used in ventilation systems for greenhouses of any type of large area (film, glass, polycarbonate), in which the vents are controlled by automation or an operator. For systems with automatic control, it is recommended to use slow gearboxes.

FLC-104 Specification:

It is also possible to supply geared motors with other parameters from the world's leading manufacturers.

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