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The main application of the double clip is to fasten the greenhouse film, without damaging it, to the greenhouse frame. The greenhouse film can be attached to straight or curved sections of the greenhouse frame. Double clips are made only of aluminum and they are used on the frontal parts of the greenhouse, at the joints of the film, as well as when side ventilation is used.

Double clips allow for reinforced fastening of up to two layers of film or other materials for covering - tarpaulin, awning with a total thickness of 400 microns.

Double aluminum clip consists of a double aluminum clip and a zinc-plated spring wire with a plastic coating В20 - 2.0 mm.

Nowadays, attaching the greenhouse film to the greenhouse using a spring clip has become the standard. The clip provides: quick mounting and dismounting of the film, its reliable fastening in windy weather, it is reusable. The element that carries the most load, the plastic-coated spring, is cheap and easy to replace with a new one.

The double clips is available in two versions, with a profile attachment width of 25 mm and 30 mm. The difference between them is only in the price.


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Double clip video review

Clip mounting:

The greenhouse film is placed on an aluminum clip, then a 2.3mm plastic-coated spring is inserted into it with a smooth movement. After that, it is necessary to loosen the film tension and make sure that the spring fits completely into the profile. No piece of spring should protrude beyond the clip. When cutting the film (after installing it), you must leave 5-10 cm of margin outside the clip.

Removing the mount:

Using pliers or a screwdriver, it is necessary to free one of the ends of the spring and gently pull it out of the profile. The operation takes a few seconds.

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