Toothed pusher

Toothed pusher

The toothed pusher is used in ventilation systems to open and close a window. Typically, it is used in large greenhouses where rapid temperature release is required. Ventilation using pushers is the most popular ventilation system in greenhouses - film, glass, polycarbonate, as well as in production and storage facilities.

One of the main advantages of the offered pushers is increased strength and increased length, which allows opening large ventilation windows on the greenhouse structure.

Technical characteristics of the toothed pusher for greenhouses:

  • material: galvanized steel 2.5 mm thick
  • length: 1.45m and 1.20m
  • maximum load: 70 kg
  • The shape of the teeth of the pusher allows to reduce point congestion, thereby increasing the life of the pusher
  • bushings on plain bearings are made of polyamide or bronze


Toothed pusher Toothed pusher Toothed pusher
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