We are the best in the market of film greenhouses in Ukraine

DobroTA started producing greenhouses in Ukraine in 2009. Over the past few years, the company's specialists have been studying and implementing advanced technologies in the production of film greenhouses and their adaptation to our climatic conditions

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Ventilation systems

The operation of modern industrial greenhouses is impossible without ventilation systems. There are three main types of ventilation: front, side, top. The options for using any type of ventilation depend on: the type of greenhouse, the method of growing the chosen plants, the cultivation technology.

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Clips for fixing the greenhouse film

Discover our range of klipsy for fixing the greenhouse film. Our products ensure a secure and durable fixing of the film, facilitating optimal crop protection against adverse weather conditions. Choose quality and efficiency for your greenhouse

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Blowing systems for films

Save energy in the greenhouse with the efficient air ventilation system between the greenhouse films, reducing heating costs by up to 40%. It protects crops from temperature fluctuations and wind damage by maintaining an indoor temperature difference of 8-10°C compared to the outside.

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Frame accessories

Discover our complete range of components for the construction of greenhouse frames. We offer high quality products including pipes, cornering and other accessories needed to build your own durable and efficient greenhouse.

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Reducer for greenhouses

Discover our reducers for the greenhouse. We offer high-quality reducers designed to optimize and control the flow of water in the greenhouse, ensuring efficient and uniform crop irrigation. Choose our solutions for optimal resource management in the greenhouse!

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Industrial greenhouses DobroTA

DobroTA started producing greenhouses in Ukraine in 2009. Over the past years, the company's specialists have been studying and implementing advanced technologies in the production of film greenhouses and their adaptation to our climatic conditions -six wind regions of Ukraine (600 Pa, speed up to 125 km / h).

We produce tunnel and block type industrial greenhouses for intensive cultivation of vegetables, flowers and berries, as well as for garden centers. The frame of the greenhouse is dismountable, made of steel pipes and profiles, hot-dip galvanized Z-250 g / m2.

How to order greenhouses

The most common question we are asked is how to buy a greenhouse, how to order it. Greenhouses DobroTA is a rather complex technical structure that supports a wide range of options.

1 Fill in the order for the greenhouse

Fill in the order for the calculation of the greenhouse. Based on the received initial data, we form a commercial offer and send it to you.

2 Signing a contract with us

After that, a discussion of various technical nuances begins and the selection of the best solutions. If everything suits you, we sign a contract

3 Production and installation

We produce the necessary parts, deliver the greenhouse frame and components to the place of its placement and mount the greenhouse.

The process of "buying a greenhouse" has been worked out to the smallest detail: and due to the availability of warehouse stock and a modular system for building a frame, the process of manufacturing a greenhouse takes a minimum of time.

Buying a modern industrial greenhouse in Ukraine is real!

Choose a greenhouse

Enter your initial data and get information on how to calculate the greenhouse


Technological features of DobroTA farm greenhouses

Updated models of farm film greenhouses, as well as film tunnels, film double tunnels and block greenhouses allow the customer to choose the most suitable design option for the rational use of each square meter of usable land area. We use only high quality materials that are highly valued by world consumers in manufacturing. For our greenhouses we use high quality plastic film (UV-3, UV-5, UV-10, UV-12 seasons).

The fastening profile "Universal" spring aluminum is used as a fastening for the film. The fixture includes 2 elements: a galvanized steel profile and a plastic-coated spring wire. The service life of the fastener for the Universal film is guaranteed by the manufacturer and is up to 10 years. Wire replacement is carried out when changing the film. At the moment, farm film greenhouses, film tunnels, film double tunnels and DobroTA block greenhouses have no analogues on the market in Ukraine, which makes them the best choice for industrial cultivation of almost any vegetables, berries, seedlings and flowers.

Moreover, DobroTA specialists have long mastered the technology of creating greenhouses with two layers of film. Thanks to the layers, air can be easily pumped between them, which makes the walls of the structure stiffer and minimizes heat transfer.

Benefits of greenhouses and tunnels DobroTA

many years of experience

we have been building film greenhouses and components for more than 10 years

own production

a production line that guarantees quality and reliability

direct contacts with manufacturers

direct deliveries of top time-tested goods from abroad

affordable pricing policy

we make sure that our prices are always below the market prices

communication in a convenient way

You can call us, write to the mail or leave a request for a call

Contact us

Contact us in any way convenient for you, and we will answer as soon as possible

Romania +40 748 927 011 seredobrota@seredobrota.com
Ukraine +38 (097) 938-91-11 office@teplicapro.com
For foreign countries +38 (050) 380-35-70 Skype: alexander.prokopenko.kiev