Ventilation systems

Exploitation of modern industrial greenhouses is impossible without ventilation systems. There are three main types of ventilation: frontal, lateral, top. The options for using any type of ventilation depend on: the type of greenhouse, the method of growing the plants you have chosen, the growing technology.

We offer help and advice when you choose components for ventilation systems of your greenhouses.

Shaft holder Shaft holder

A special bearing that secures the drive shaft. Used in ventilation and curtain systems

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Toothed pusher Toothed pusher

The toothed pusher is used in ventilation systems to open and close a window.

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Connection “Pusher-window leaf” Connection “Pusher-window leaf”

All toothed pushers are supplied complete with a “pusher-window leaf” element

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Circulation fan ZLFJ400-W4 / 380 Circulation fan ZLFJ400-W4 / 380

The frame is made of high quality steel by molding, it has attractivesuperficy, not prone to rust.

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Fan Vents 100 Fan Vents 100

The VENTS 100 centrifugal fan will help you create a comfortable atmosphere even

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Corrugated heating pipe 25mm Corrugated heating pipe 25mm

We are introducing our Corrugated heating pipe for greenhouse heating — the ideal solution for ensuring optimal microclimate.

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